5 Tips to Grow Your Stream (plus a few basics!)

Most streamers are looking for ways to grow their audience on Twitch. We’ve created this list of five easy things that will give you an edge based on our research and interviews of over 80 streamers, small and large. Let’s jump right in.


  • Set up a consistent streaming schedule.
  • Make sure to stream at least three times a week.
  • Check to make sure your past broadcasts aren’t being muted.


1. Choose the right game. 

Many new streamers ask us some variation of "I just started streaming, should I be playing Destiny, Hearthstone, or CoD?” First and foremost, don't play a game just because there's an audience. People can sense bullshit from a mile away, so don't fake your enthusiasm.

Other than that, do your research! Choose your top five favorite games and find out how many people are watching that game every day. Then, look at how many other streamers are playing that game during your preferred stream hours, and if viewers are distributed evenly or if a streamers dominate the audience. Play the games with evenly distributed audiences and the best streamer/viewer ratio. Remember, the best game might vary daily, so we suggest doing at least a week's worth of research and cataloging.

2. Show that personality!  

Be comfortable being yourself, and find something about you that becomes your brand. Whatever your play style, make sure to stand out within your category. If you funny, be absurd, dance after a win, or break things when you lose. If you are calm and calculating, explain your thoughts and beliefs; make your audience perceive you a domain expert in your field.

3. Get your social media game on! 

Social media is the name of the game. Immediately integrate your Twitch profile with Twitter , so your viewers know when you go live. Publish your past broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook, and make sure to write about your goals, motivation and progression. Remember, the internet is a huge ally, so reach out to local gaming blogs and ask them if you can guest post.

4. Collaborate.

Seriously; if you aren’t collaborating, you are missing out on a free and effective way to grow your stream. Watching the same thing can be boring, so your audience will appreciate when you spice it up by playing with other streamers. Even better, when you collaborate with and shout each other out, you cross-promote your audiences resulting in growth for both of you. It’s pretty basic math: if you have 50 viewers, and your friend has 50, together you have 100. Collaborations also help new streamers overcome the frustration and difficulty of playing and commentating without an audience to listen.

5. Community.

Find a group of streamers to play with and to support you. Sure, playing games is tons of fun (shout out to the_tons0fun!), but streaming can get emotionally draining and difficult sometimes. Having a community that makes you feel valued is essential. For larger streamers this might take the form of a team, for smaller ones this will likely be a Facebook group or a subreddit. Rogue Nation is a great example of a strong community of streamers looking to grow their audience together. We definitely suggest checking out their page!